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Raven woke up to the sun just barely rising over the ocean. She sat up and stretched. She yawned and smiled to herself. She felt refreshed, pleased and satisfied. Next to her lay the cause of her happiness, despite the fact that it was morning. Beastboy lay next to her, sound asleep.

“He doesn’t usually get up at this hour.” she said to herself matter-of-factly. She rose up from her bed, grabbed her robe and headed for the shower, cause god knows she needed one. She and Beastboy were secretly dating for about a month. The couple had spent more time with each other after their trip to Tokyo but Raven never imagined that it was because Beastboy had feelings for her. The changeling had finally worked up the courage to ask her on a date. Thinking it was just a bite to eat or a nice gesture Raven agreed and had the best night of her life. The whole thing just snowballed from there. The titans knew of only the one time that they went out together but that was it, and they passed it of as ‘an act of friendship’ as Starfire would phrase it.

Since the disappearance of Trigon, Raven had been able to release her emotions more but she didn’t know by how much so she still kept them confined. Afraid whether or not to release some of her stronger emotions now such as lust. Last night proved her to be wrong. Not only could she feel lust but she felt it take on an even stronger form. She was relieved that the whole experience was harmless, well…mostly.

She looked at herself in the mirror in the bathroom and noticed all the scratches and bite marks she had received. Beastboy liked to ‘play rough’ and she couldn’t blame him. His hormones are ten times stronger than any normal persons would be, because of his animal instincts.

only that but he had ‘the Beast’ inside him who last night, transformed his normal vengeful emotion…into a sexual rush, which despite her horrible scratches it was very pleasant and VERY powerful.

Raven laughed at herself for these girlish thoughts. She disrobed and stepped in the shower, she thought of the past week and agreed that she had unwittingly been ‘teasing’ Beastboy all week.

Monday the titans were called out to stop the HIVE 5 at the mall. While Raven faced Jinx, Beastboy fought of Mammoth, Robin took on the HIVE soldier, Cyborg was eager to bring down Gizmo, and Starfire fought Seymour, careful not to get in the way of his X-Ray eye again. At first it was going well….at first. Jinx had delivered a blow that knocked Raven into the window of a fishing shop. Unknowingly, Raven continued to fight, but with a hook caught on to the back of her leotard.

Gizmo saw this and when he had preoccupied Cyborg with a magnet, he attached a mini-rocket to the fishing pole Raven was caught on. The pole flew into the air tugging on Raven’s leotard, Jinx aimed her pink spell at the hook and it tore Raven's leotard almost in half. The only thing she had left was the bottom half and a part of her leotard now fashioned into a tube top. Raven began to blush, her bra more than obvious now. With glowing eyes she unleashed hell and rounded up the HIVE 5 single handedly.

While Robin gave her a ‘why didn’t you do that before?’ look, Beastboy shifted from a T-Rex and just noticed Raven with her uniform ripped almost completely off. Even though he felt bad, cause he knew she was mortified, he couldn’t help but feel a little turned on. That wasn’t even the half of it

Tuesday The titans were at the breakfast table and Cyborg was  making fun of Beastboy for tofu again.

“C’mon man, I’m just kiddin’ around” he said, slapping Beastboy on the back with so much force that he fell into Raven’s lap who was reading a book next to him. For Raven and Beastboy this wasn't exacty odd, but the other titans were patiently waiting for Raven to pulverize Beastboy.

Closing her book she gave and exasperated sigh, the warm air of her breath propelled into his ear and he felt a numb tingle throughout his entire body. He didn’t crawl out of her lap as much as he…melted out of it. Starfire giggled thinking that his reaction was just fear of being pummeled by Raven. That was TWO strikes for Beastboy.

Wednesday was the worst for him though. Starfire had dragged Raven to the ‘mall of shopping’ and dragged her in and out of random stores, before she dragged Raven into a lingerie store that Starfire mistook as a casual dress shop. Not wanting to make Starfire feel bad, Raven picked out one thing and bought it…not knowing that Starfire would make her try it on and show the boys.

Raven laughed at herself as this memory replayed itself in her mind.

Starfire had burst through the door with purple lace underwear and a pink see through night gown over it

“HELLLOOO friends! Raven and I had journeyed to the mall of shopping to find these most peculiar articles of clothing!”

Robin and Cyborg just stared at her open mouthed. Robin had a smug look on his face that easily said ‘and I get to DATE her!’

Beastboy looked at her unaroused. She showed her stomach all the time, this was just an average Wednesday so far. Still he looked away, respecting that he was going out with Raven and that he’d be wolf whistling right now if it was HER in Star’s outfit…not likely. Speak of the devil, Raven had walked in wearing her cloak.

The vein throbbed slightly in Starfire’s forehead. He flew up to Raven and removed her cloak.

“Please Raven, don’t you wish to do the ‘showing off’ as you would say?” Raven just stared at her annoyed.

Robin and Cyborg had a look of shock on their faces but it disappeared as they were involved with Starfire at the moment. Raven just looked away sheepishly, it was typical of people to find Starfire more attractive but Raven had always thought that even she wasn’t bad on the eyes either. She began to feel a little self conscious, even Beastboy was…wait…Beastboy? The changeling was simply staring at her awestruck.

When she made eye contact with him he broke out in a sweat and blushed nervously with a smile to match. He tugged on the neck of his shirt as he surveyed his girlfriend from head to toe trying not to stare at one place too long.

She was wearing a tightly fit tube top with an extra short miniskirt that if you looked closer, revealed a thong. She wore knee high boots like Starfire only stiletto with fishnets, and she was dressed in Black leather.

This kinky outfit of hers sent Beastboy over the edge. From the waist up he was sweating nervously, form the waist down however was a different story. His knees felt like they wanted to buckle but that wasn’t the main problem. The big problem was the one between his legs. Raven saw this and immediately felt better, she even wanted to have a little fun with his reaction. She leaned against the door frame and smiled seductively.

‘Great…she can see right through me’ Beastboy thought. Robotically he walked out the door, whispering to Raven as he passed. “Your killing me!?” he sang.
She just grinned and put her cloak back on.

Thursday however was an interesting turn of events. Raven had caught Beastboy sparring a few with Robin, shirtless. Beastboy had taken off his shirt cause he was sweating so much but Robin had only removed his cape. He had a look of determination on his face while Beastboy was smiling. Raven decided to hide in the corner and watch them for a bit. This was almost the first time Beastboy was ever using hand to hand combat. Raven was sure he’d lose but she had never seen him fight in his human form before.

He was winning, beating Robin by a landslide which was no easy task. Robin kept trying to save his energy which explained why he wasn’t sweating as much. He would pull a couple kung fu moves on Beastboy but he would dodge them, moving almost at the speed of Kidflash. After a couple of rounds, Robin was K.O.ed and Beastboy was the winner. Raven was biting down on her hair to keep from squealing. She was rather impressed with his fighting skills as well as his muscles which shone with sweat. He walked over to Robin only to see that he had accidentally knock him out.

“Ah well…when he wakes up he can come kill me later…if Raven doesn’t do it first.” he mumbled this last comment softly to himself but not so soft that Raven heard it. Beastboy downed water from his water bottle.

“And what pray tell, is that supposed to mean?” She asked form her corner. Beastboy spat a mouthful of water in the other direction so as not to soak her.

“Raven! Uhhh…how long have you been here” Raven stepped out in to the light with a devilish grin on her face.

“Well I saw you K.O. Boy Wonder over there…” she nodded her head toward Robin. “…I gotta hand it to you not an easy task.” Beastboy smiled rubbing the back of his neck

“heh…didn’t know I had it in me” he tried to act surprised but he couldn’t hide anything from Raven. She had a disbelieving look on her face.

“I’m going to bed…” as she walked by him she whispered “…see you there” she never turned around to see his face but she could imagine him fainting, lying there just as unconscious as Robin.

Raven walked back to her room and began to dry herself off. She didn’t mind, Beastboy was asleep anyway. She looked over at him and remembered what happened that night.

He came to her door a little nervous. He wasn’t sure how to get started. Raven knew. She grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and pulled him inside. She pushed him up against the wall next to her bed and they began to kiss each other fiercely. At first she was in control but as the ‘Beast’ resurfaced, he grabbed Raven roughly by the shoulders and tackled her to her bed with her arms pinned above her. He didn’t go for her lips though, he bent and bit down on her neck hard. She arched her back at the sudden pleasure that overwhelmed her body. She grabbed on to the back of his shirt and using her nails she ripped it in half. Beastboy did almost the same thing when he pulled away but instead his claws tore her entire leotard and cloak completely off her body leaving her completely exposed.

Beastboy disposed of his own pants as he aimed another bite at her neck. Raven arched her back again and moaned. She was glad she used her spells to sound-proof the room. As Beastboy began to work his way down her body, Raven had completely left hers, as well as Beastboy.

Raven began to moan some more and she actually began to beg. "...Beastboy…take me…take me…more!” Beastboy smiled at her deviantly.

“Thought you’d never ask!” he said in a booming voice that sent chills down the empath’s spine.

Raven brought herself back down to earth. She looked over to see what had disturbed her thoughts. She saw her green beau stirring under the satin sheets. Raven was dressed and floating in lotus position, simply healing the small wounds. Beastboy looked at her and blushed shyly, noticing the scratches on her legs.

“Morning” she said with a small smile. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes he didn’t answer. He put on his clothes quickly and walked up behind her. She opened one eye to see why he hadn’t responded. She got the answer when he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck.

“Morning” he replied finally. Raven ceased her healing and put a hand on his cheek.

“What do you want to do today?” she asked.

“Hmmmm…well, I think I could go for a shower and a change of clothes.” he replied jokingly.

“Well go for it I already took a shower today.”

“Yeah I noticed.” Beastboy had pulled away from his pale beauty’s neck and wiped his face. Her wet hair spoke for itself.

“See you at breakfast?” she asked.

“Would I BE anywhere else?” he remarked as he walked out the door.

Raven looked at her reflection in her dresser mirror thinking how lucky she was to have a boyfriend who could be that gentle, loving, SLIGHTLY funny (she managed herself to say),yet be so powerful, demanding, and forceful. She had to admit She definitely thought Beastboy was more demanding than Cyborg or even Robin could be. He broke out in a nervous sweat every time Starfire looked at him seductively. For Beastboy it was only because he didn’t want the others to find out about his hidden relationship, so Raven tried not to tempt him when the titans were round. Raven finished her healing (mostly) and proceeded to the main room for breakfast. Not realizing that she forgot to heal herself COMPLETELY and that Starfire would question about that ‘bruise’ on her neck during breakfast.
I don't even know if the title fits the story but I don't realy care! lol!

anyway this was just a random thought that came to me while dozing off in Geometry. hope u like it.

and pleaz comment. u know if you want to.
WANT TO! jk.
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Not bad, not bad at all :D. Definitely drew me in from the first paragraph.

Couple things any TT fanfic writer will eventually find out but I'll tell you so you don't have to look it up;
Beast Boy is two words not one (I did that for too long ^^;).
AND it's always a good idea to check the"mature content warning" box when submitting whenever theres any type of sex involved ^^; (even hinting at it).
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Jinx is no longer a villain as of the end of season 5. According to the Teen Titans Go! comic book she's been dating Kid Flash and is currently an honorary Titan.
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